HĀwea Waipi`o Valley Adventure

A Cultural Educational Experience into the Valley of the Kings

Aloha and welcome to Hāwea Waipiʻo Valley Adventure located on the Hamakua Coast in the Big Island of Hawaiʻi. We invite you to go on an adventure with us, and see one of the most historical and most beautiful places in HawaiʻI that we call home, Waipiʻo Valley. You will learn about the history of old Waipiʻo and why it’s called the Valley of the Kings, explore a hidden waterfall only available on our experience and visit a working kalo (taro) farm that is operated by our family to understand how this food became a staple for Hawaiians.

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Hāwea Waipiʻo Valley Adventure, LLC

Meet our family

Aloha and mahalo for visiting Hāwea Waipiʻo Valley Adventure. Our company is family owned and operated by our parents, Morgan and Mary Toledo, along with us, their daughters, Kawailani and Hi'ilei. The company is named after Hi'ilei's  daughter, Hāwea, whose name represents a religious drum belonging to Mo'ikeha, a high chief of Tahiti. This drum was used in religious ceremonies of the most royal class. Our family has been living and working in the Honoka'a and Waipiʻo Valley areas for over 53 years and we’re fourth generation kalo farmers. 

Our knowledge and enthusiasm to educate people about the Hawaiian culture is one of the many reasons why we decided to create this one of a kind adventure. Our goal of Hāwea Waipiʻo Valley Adventure is to provide guests with a historical, cultural and educational experience about Waipi'o Valley, and share the beauty of this majestic place.  A portion of all proceeds made from each experience will be donated back to Waipi'o Valley to help preserve, maintain rivers and perpetuate the Hawaiian Culture.

Our family also has other businesses that incorporate the Hawaiian culture. Each business is unique and our way to continuously perpetuate our culture for Hāwea’s generation and more. Click on each link to explore more about Hawaii

Hāwea Waipiʻo Valley Adventure - 45-3390 Mamane Street Honokaa, HI 96727

Phone: 808-657-5227 - info@haweawaipiovalleyadventure.com

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