HĀwea Waipi`o Valley Adventure

A Cultural Educational Experience into the Valley of the Kings

Aloha and welcome to Hāwea Waipiʻo Valley Adventure located on the Hamakua Coast in the Big Island of Hawaiʻi. We invite you to go on an adventure with us, and tour one of the most historical and most beautiful places in HawaiʻI that we call home, Waipiʻo Valley. You’ll learn about the history of old Waipiʻo and why it’s called the Valley of the Kings, explore a hidden waterfall only available on our tour, and experience a working kalo (taro) farm that is operated by our family to understand how this food became a staple for Hawaiians. 


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 Waipiʻo Valley Experience

Before you begin on your adventure, you will check-in at our office in Historical Honokaa town and our experienced guides will take you down the 2,000 feet steep and narrow road into the Valley of the Kings where you will explore the many breathtaking views of Waipiʻo Valley. A 2.5 to 3-hour adventure will immerse you into the Hawaiian history and preservation of this sacred Wahi Pana (a celebrated place in time and history). In this experience you will feel and gain a deeper understanding for Waipiʻo, and the importance it held to the Hawaiian people of yester-year and today. 

This guided ATV tour lets you create the experience you want. If you want to stay on the farm and feed the horses a little longer, you can. If you want to learn how poi is made, you will. If you want to see a secret waterfall, only those on our tour will. Let our guides know what you would like to experience and they will do their best to make it happen. 

Our knowledgeable local guides will share the story of the land, its deep history, and take you to a working kalo (taro) farm where you will taste and feel the essence of this food. You will learn the importance of the delicate ecological balance of this precious cultural and legendary natural resource that has been the staple food source of the Hawaiian people for thousands of years. 

You will also have the privilege to see the highest twin waterfalls in all the Islands. The waterfall is named Hiʻilawe, whose sacred waters still nourish the kalo (taro) fields today. Not only will you see Hiʻilawe, but we will also take you to a private hidden waterfall that can only be seen on our tour. 

Waipiʻo Valley is one of the last natural wonders of the island of Hawaiʻi. This unforgettable adventure takes you to places where time has stood still of unparalleled beauty, majestic cliffs, black sand beaches, tranquil taro fields, plummeting waterfalls, flowing rivers, myths and legends. Come and be a part of Hawaiian history, preservation and future cultivation.

A portion of all proceeds go back to Waipi`o Valley to help preserve, maintain rivers, taro cultivation and help perpetuate the Hawaiian Culture.

Hāwea Waipiʻo Valley Adventure - 45-3390 Mamane Street Honokaa, HI 96727

Phone: 808-657-5227 - info@haweawaipiovalleyadventure.com

Background Photo by Jake Marote (www.jakemarote.com // Instagram: @jake_of_all_trades)